Thereputic Depth Hypnosis To Heal Unwanted Patterns

What is Depth Hypnosis?

Depth Hypnosis is an integration of Shamanism, Buddhism, Energy Medicine, and Hypnotherapy. During a session you will discover and break up patterns that have been running counter to the life you want.

By using the Shamanic Journey, an ancient technique that utilizes an altered state, you will learn to contact your own inner wisdom. In a light trance we can then use hypnosis techniques to find the origins of unwanted patterns, to heal them at their source.

How is this different from traditional hypnotherapy?

Depth Hypnosis is different from the usual ‘suggestion hypnosis’ because you are in control the entire time, which helps to maintain a sense of safety. Your conscious mind is active and integrating while information from the subconscious mind becomes available. There is never a concern about ‘not being hypnotized,’ because the goal is not to give your subconscious mind suggestions. The goal is to heal the problem at its root.

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